About LBT

At LBT, we offer a whole range of professional fashion products for stylish nails. From Nail Gel Colours, Multi-Toned Gels, Nail Art Accessories, Applicators and Spa Therapy products - it's the candy shop for the nail fashionista.

Because we're a Nail Couture house, we're constantly innovating new colours and styles with each season. Nails are the new luxe accessory - and now you can match them with your latest style.


Latest Products

LBT Nail Art Liners
Refinement. Style. With LBT Art Liners, create delicate and intricate designs on your manicured nails. LBT Art Liners are designed with a fine tip that can be easily interchanged with a colour gel brush, to be used as a colour gel.

Colours glide easily and dry fast – no smudging, no mess.
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